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Foreign Investors Council
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FIC 12 September - 2020
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Welcome to
Foreign Investors Council

The fifth largest in the world, India's economy is characterized as a developing market economy with an exponential consumer base.

Foreign Investors Council was born with a single objective, of enabling financial strength for our clients through quality and conflict free Foreign Investments. The use of technology is our cornerstone in ensuring that we can reach across demographics and geographies, provide a convenient, low cost – high quality, process driven, goal oriented, investment led Foreign Direct Investment.

Our Services

Financial assistance

Our team of financial advisers give you comprehensive financial counselling, including assistance in soft loans. We analyse industry opportunities and offer you assistance in all the intricate aspects of funding and investment.

Permissions from the government

Different sectors of the economy come with different FDI limits and guidelines. We will guide through the entire process of foreign direct investment in India and help you get all required permissions from the Centre.

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Our Experts

We are a team of highly committed professionals with a comprehensive experience in the field that puts us in the run to becoming the top investment facilitation agency in India. Our experts include reputed Chartered Accountants, experienced Company Secretary, State & Sector Experts, Financial Advisors that are some of the best in their field, Legal Compliance Experts and other Associate Partners who offer general assistance in different states of India.