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Foreign Investors Council

FIC was founded in the form of a trust in 2020 in Bengaluru India. FIC is a voluntary and non-governmental non-profit organization based on freedom of association of several natural or legal persons, founded to achieve and promote a specific mutual and general goal and interest. Among other things, FIC aims to encourage the improvement of the business climate by proposing concrete reform proposals, and represents, expresses and promotes the mutual opinions of its members in order to promote the mutual interest and improve business conditions in Karnataka State.

Through its activities, FIC develops business in Karnataka , represents its members, improves communication with governmental bodies and also promotes the interests of the international business community in Karnataka. Although our members are companies, not individuals, FIC collects and uses personal data relating to individuals as part of our activities, in order to manage membership and conduct our activities.

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FIC mission is to “To actively promote and develop predictable, competitive, and sustainable business environment, through open dialogue with the Authorities and other relevant stakeholders and removing hurdles faced by foreign investors in India”.